Jio Giga Fibre and Jio Giga TV

Jio Giga Fibre and Jio Giga TV
Finally, Jio has announced its Broadband Service In India. Jio broadband is an FTTH broadband service that uses the copper cable to give you Internet. The service estimated to be launched across 1100 cities in India.

Jio Giga Set-top Box

Jio Router
This service available under Jio Giga Fiber which gives you services like Ultra HD experience on your TV. Also, it Includes many more exciting services like:-

Jio Set-top Box
1.Multi-party video conferencing

Jio GigaTV Calling
This is one of the unique features of Jio TV which helps you to make Video calls from your TV via Jio TV Set-top box.
2.Voice-activated virtual assistant
The Jio TV set-top box comes with a remote control which embedded with a voice command service just like an AI assistant in your smartphone.
3.Virtual reality gaming and shopping
Also, you can connect your VR headset with Jio FIber and experience 360-degree videos and tv streaming.
Jio Smart Home Solution

Jio Smart Devices
Jio steps into the market which we never expect. The Jio shows 41 devices that they are going to make smart and it is really very impressive because it can connect people more to the technology. The Jio the Jio engineers install the smart home capabilities at the time installation of Jio Giga Fibre.
The registration for Jio Giga Fiber will be available on Jio Website from 15th August 2018.

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