Most Expensive Cameras in the World

5.Pentax 645D 40MP Digital SLR Camera

Price: $10,000.

A film-format digital camera presented at a more reasonable price, Pentax 645D 40MPDigital camera delivers large print sizes high-quality resolution images. It is a weather sealed comfortable lightweight body withstanding dust, rain, and snow.  It is a prime factor for professional field photographers. It has the capacity to handle 14-bit RAW files in DNG and PEF formats. It can shoot up to 1.1 frames with full 40 Mega Pixel resolution per second. It also released as a stylish red-lacquered edition after it was named the Camera of the Year in 2011 at the camera Grand Prix in Japan.

4. Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic DSLR

Price: $40,000.00

Panoscan MK-3 is a professional DSLR camerafor bird’s eye view photography. Panoscancaptures Higher resolution convex scans in 54 seconds in a fast-moving speed up-to 8 times unlike any other wide-ranging photography hardware. Panoscan MK-3 is an advanced stage of technology. quality images in full 360 degree in less than 8 seconds can be scanned using MK-3. MK-3 images is dispensed as leveled panoramic images or almost as virtual reality players like Flash VR, QuickTime Vr or JAVA based players. Mk-3 is also designed for uneven field as well. Panoscan Mk-3 is perfect for approaches like strategic mapping, Forensic crime location photography, and many National Security approaches. It is also perfect for business panoramic photography. The intensifying ISO 3200 sensitivity can be used in low light set-up.

3.Panorama Camera Seitz 6×17 Digital

Price: $43,000.00

The first and only digital camera with high-resolution 6×17 on the market. It’s a stunner as it captures 160 million pixels scans in just one second. The 6×7 format is a very appealing image format. It allows images to be of incomparable beauty and definition. It creates a seamless 6×17 image without stitching. Seitz 6×17 Digital camera captures images extremely fast and comes with 300MB data. Schneider, Linhof, and Fuji Lenses can be used with the camera which is interchangeable for flexible framing of the scene. The Seitz 6×17 digital allows shifting of +/- 15mm directly on the camera body. For camera control and image viewing and storage, the camera connects to a fast computer. The Seitz 6×17 is Swiss-made and integrates the finest electronics and components. Its digital scan back is interchangeable with Roundshot D3 allowing the creation of massive and high-resolution 360-degree panoramas.


Price: $45,000.00

Hasselblad’s distinctive Multi Shot System, accessible in 50 and 200MP resolutions, offer the endmost in a quite subject capture. HASSELBLAD H5D MULTISHOT Camera leads to impressive detailing and unlocks new innovative and profit-oriented doors. Hasselblad has elevated the standard, still concerning the capture of excellent high-grade images.
Hasselblad is particularly designed to be a hit in terms of high-quality images and flexibility. It offers the best viewfinder image, unlike any other camera, having to choose between both waist-level finders and eye-level finders. A 50-megapixel format which enables live shots is present both in H5D-200c MS and H5D-200c MS.  

1.Phase One XF 100MP

Price: $48,990

The Phase One XF 100MP is a phenomenal professional camera with an amazing sensor of 100- megapixel. It offers an ultimate amount of features and gives the photographers an innovative freedom to capture images professionally unlike any other camera. The phenomenal image quality combines with phenomenal innovative freedom, enabling customers to create an outstanding artistry.
Phase One XF 100MP is the first of its kind to offer Full Frame Medium Format CCD systems with further benefits of CMOS technology.
phenomenal image quality is produced using the 16-bit Color extent. The camera provides an exceptional 15 stops of an effective stretch, maintaining thrilling features in both high spotlights and overshadow.
With base 12800 ISO of 50, Phase One XF 100MP provides the versatility of prolonged exposures and unlimited use of swift lenses, all along providing accurate possible results.
The XF system offers maximum extended exposures up to 60 minutes in complete 101MP. XF 100MP Camera System comes with an advanced Electronic Shutter Combination.will cost you.$48,990.

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